Sunday, October 19, 2008

How To Clog The Blogs With A Plumber And Two Presidential Candidates

Blog Pulse generated by KMc: Joe The Plumber Clogs The Blogs

For anyone who questions what a celebrity endorsement can do for creating brand awareness, here's an interesting case study.

After being mentioned over 20 times in last Tuesday's presidential debate between John McCain and Borack Obama, Joe The Plumber enjoyed a phenomenal surge in brand awareness, literally overnight. The reference was to a plumber that Obama met on the campaign trail in Ohio a few days earlier.

Of course, the blogosphere lit up with Joe The Plumber references, as well. All of which helped fuel even more publicity for the Ohio plumber as the news and late night talk shows picked up on the story.

Unfortunately, with brand awareness comes increased scrutiny. Investigations into Joe The Plumber's background by reporters resulted in another news story. According to news reports, Joe lacks the proper licensing to do professional plumbing work in Ohio and that he owes the state nearly $1,200 in back taxes.

Nobody's safe on the campaign trail. Still, you can bet it won't be long before Joe The Plumber ends up in your kids' history books.

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