Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Exclusive: How To Stand Up To A Monster

From Young Frankenstein: No Matter How Scary Things Get, Don't Run.

Right now, times are scary for a lot of people. I'll admit, if I watch enough of CNBC's economic meltdown/it's-the-end-of-the-world reports, I can get scared myself.

But I've learned that when things get scary, we have 3 options. We can freeze up and do nothing. We can run. Or we can stand our ground.

Does something have you scared right now? Is it a fear of losing your job? Or something even more personal?

I'd like to encourage you to stand your ground. Dig in your heels. Maybe you're gonna have to go through some pain. But guess what, that pain will make you tougher for the next battle.

So don't run from what's scaring you. Instead, run straight at it. You'll discover you have a lot more strength than you ever realized.


Kevin McIntosh is a freelance copywriter in the Nashville market. His work can be seen at

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