Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Innovative Ideas For Your Ad Agency's Clients In The Great Depression 2.0

Marketing directors wait anxiously in line this week at the "Should You Advertise During A Recession?" conference in New York.

Tired of clients who can't decide if they want to advertise during the recession? Offer them some can't-miss innovative ideas to market.

As part of my little economic rescue plan, here are some innovative product ideas I've come up with to help bail out your clients in different industries:

The Furniture Industry
The Roosevelt New Deal Collection: A collection of 8 bare pine wood planks, a saw and 32 nails. Promotion tagline: "Help Rebuild America." Start by building a bench for waiting in the soup line.

The Auto Industry

The 2009 Ford Mustang: Literally, it's a mustang horse. Leather saddle seat optional. 1 horse power.

The Housing Industry
The McBox: A McMansion-sized cardboard box, available up to 20,000 square feet. Includes a 2,000 square foot garage for the SUV you can't give away and a hitching post for your 2009 Ford Mustang (see above).

The Consumer Electronics Industry
The iStarve: A smart phone with a stove top burner app. Simply place your can of pork and beans on the phone screen and in just 2 hours, you're eatin' like Jay Bush. For faster cooking times, simply use a MacBook laptop computer which can overheat to temps of 200 degrees or more.

The Banking Industry
The Mattress Stuffer Account: Available in Queen and King size. $35 service fee for non-sufficient stuffing.

The Health Care Industry
The Do-It-Yourself Colonoscopy: For once, the cleansing preparation stage will seem like the easy part.

Kevin McIntosh is a freelance copywriter and brand strategist in the Nashville market. His work can be seen at www.KevinMcIntosh.com

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