Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Launch Your Own Attack Ads

Make your own Attack Ad
Here's a little political ad I did for my write-in candidate in hopes of winning the overlooked "kindergarten" voter segment.

Not enough negative political ads for your taste this year? There's still time to get in your own.

Attack Ad Generator allows you to create your own negative TV ads for the presidential candidate of your choice.

Simply click and drag the photos and announcer voice over words you choose. And in minutes, you can have your own political ad.

The great palette of announcer voice-over words includes all the buzz words from this year's campaign: "Maverick," "Hockey," "Mom," "Bail Out," "Flip Flop," "Shady," "Old Boy Network," "Satan," "Weapons Of Mass Destruction," plus lots more.

Photo selections include pictures of John McCain and Barack Obama, as well as shots of atomic blomb blasts and terrorists.

One buzz phrase that didn't make the list was "Joe The Plumber." Mike Demors of, the creator of the negative ad generator, said the site was finished shortly before the Joe The Plumber incident.

Kevin McIntosh is a freelance copywriter in the Nashville market. His work can be seen at

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